I love summer and colorful dresses/floral


I love summer, I love light clothes, fluffy and colorful or floral ones. The summer was always my favorite season, probably because I was born at the beginning of the summer, and this has got a spell on my spirit.

I love the ray of the sun in the summer, that caresses my skin, I love the summer when colors are lively and have importance, I love to walk in the summer, I love places that are colored in blue and green.

I remember the cool mornings when I used to wake up with the chirping birds, a solemn wakening till the moment when the sun began to bite our cheeks, and we ran hiding in the shadow of some tree.

Those summers are gone now, but I still love this season because the summer will always bring something new into my life. Even here, in the metropolitan city of Milan, far from the life of the countryside, the summer seems to be cheerful. Even the people here seem to be cheerful, and the city gets itself a brand-new color. Because of that, even the clothes that we wear in the summer are more cheerful, a lot lighter and colorful, the fabrics more fluid. Summer is my favorite season, with long days from 7 till 4 or 5 in the morning, with a lot of music and fun under the clear sky.

I have just made a short trip to Como Lake, where the summer is simply fantastic, clean air, wonderful places and a lot of atmosphere on my taste, to charge up my batteries till the next summer. My dress is from H&M






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