Are your eyes tired? Here are some easy-to-follow remedies

Does it happen that after a long day at the office or too many hours spent in front of the computer, your eyes are red and puffy? To relax we need to rest, sit with our eyes closed or even sleep for a few hours. But what do we do when we don’t have time to rest, but  want our eyes to look good?

Here are some quick and easy remedies to achieve healthy looking eyes while helping us relax our vision.

Eyelid adhesives

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In Italy there are special adhesives for the eyes that have the effect of a facelift, only without the use of a scalpel. and the effect is very immediate. These are silicone adhesives, which are shaped like crescents, transparent, which are easily applied to the creases of the upper eyelid, eliminating fatigue. Once these adhesives are applied we can apply make-up, but very easily we can achieve a relaxed and beautiful eye effect. I found these adhesives at Wonderstripes, but possibly elsewhere there are also from other companies.

Aloe plant

gel lidah buaya

Aloe is a very curative plant in the treatment of many health problems and is widely used in cosmetics. So, it is very good if you have an aloe plant in your home, as it can be useful anytime. The gel extracted from aloe leaves is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and has a lot of beneficial effects: it moisturises, invigorates, smoothes. Kept in the fridge, this aloe gel can help you relax your tired face after a day’s work. You’ll see and feel the results immediately.

The palm trick


Cover your eyes with your palms for a minute. The absence of light and the warmth of tomorrow relaxes the eyes. Then, to get a brighter look around the eyes, apply a moisturizing and refreshing cream. Likewise, I recommend aloevera or rosemary-based creams and other natural herbs.




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