Five things not to do to a man

Not everything you like will please a man, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Often times, men are attracted to your physical appearance or your beautiful eyes, but they overlook these aspects to pursue you, only to leave you without knowing the reason why. Here are some things that men can’t stand and that you should avoid around them.

Gossiping. It’s well known that gossiping is a trait more commonly found among women. In fact, gossiping can be considered an elegant sport practiced by women whenever they have the opportunity. However, as much as you might like to criticize someone’s appearance or intelligence, you should keep in mind that not all men appreciate gossiping. So, if you’re around a man, try to avoid criticizing and talking about others, as you usually do with your friends. Even if a man doesn’t tell you directly that he doesn’t like gossiping, it could make him look at you differently and distance himself from you.



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