Behind the curtain

„To be a woman is an art. It is much more than wearing high heels, deep cleverages or perfumes that can be scented from the corner of the street. First of all, to really be a woman is not only based on the physical appearance because it is much more than the surface of the skin.

Femininity, just like the beauty, comes from within. It is a state of spirit that every woman emanates through all her skin pores, it is that certain something that you can easily sense the moment you lay your eyes on her, even though she wears only a common cloth or a shinning gown signed Versace.

Every representative of the beautiful sex is unique in her own way, she has that certain charming element that it is specific to her. On the other hand it is not enough to belong to this sex to be called a real woman.

The femininity and sensuality represent an attitude but also an aptitude which, like any other, is to be leaned and cultivated. Because you are not born a real woman but become one. And the real femininity will be discovered by everyone that is willing to start this journey, no matter the age, religion, culture or social class. So the choice is in your hands. To be or not to be a woman: you decide” – To be or not to be… a woman, by Lidia Butu

Probably they are the most beautiful words that match with my mood in the picture above. Surrounded by mystery, sensuality, a woman is always a muse, a diva, bearing many artistic forms in the mind of a man. It was very difficult to choose between the picture but yet I have made my decision. Artistically, which one do you like the most? Leave me a comment or a like to that picture. Thank you and I will talk to you soon.




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