Snow Queen on Moldovan lands
Pe culmile infinitului




When we speak of art, we talk about visions without any limits. The vision is our own way of seeing what others can not see. Having a vision and a personal style is something very important for any artist moreover for photography. Photographer or model, both are in a very important connection because throughout their work are about to create something, to tell a story using images.

An interesting story I had in mind for years, doing a photo shooting in the snow, recently got into shape. My wish came true. I always saw with great admiration any fashion pictures made in the winter and I always wondered how on Earth those models can do what they do, almost naked at temperatures way bellow zero sometimes. Having that in mind, I challenged myself and so I made the pictures bellow. Now I can admit that for the sake of art, one can do almost anything.

I would like to thank Vadim Iakim, a photographer from Edinet, Republic of Moldova for being able to resist heroically with his camera on such low temperatures. I know, you all wonder how many days I had a flew after that shooting. I can assure you, none. And when I look at those photos now, I simply have a nice feeling as I did that too, I have achieved my dream. For this shooting I wear a dress by Corina Plesca Celea made in a studio in Ednet.

So what do you think? Is winter a season to add more charm to femininity?

In the end I would like to give you the following quote that I like very much as if it would describe the mood that these picture would inspire: Every woman was born with her own mystery, with her own look and magnetism and because of that she must not stop, under no circumstance to be a woman.



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