The Glamour wiht my blue dress



This time I would like to talk about one of my weaknesses, the dresses. I cannot imagine life without dresses and you will see reading this article how much I love them. If I could, I would wear a dress everyday regardless of the weather outside. Dresses are the symbol of femininity and seduction. A woman who wears a dress is like a blossom flower, she opens up like a rose bud because a woman’s dresses mean grace, passion, sensibility and sensuality. It is up to you what you like to communicate as dresses can very well offer a glimpse on our moods, wishes and hopes. Beginning with what model of dress we wear, elegant or casual, long or short or the colors we choose, they all have something to say. For instance, blue is always associated to the sky or the sea. That would signify serenity, still and spirituality. Blue is my favorite color, perhaps because my eye color is also blue. All these being said, I will let you admire these glamour pictures in which I wear a short dress with a back cleverage.

Dress-CVG Moda, Vigevano

Shoes-Cristina Shop, Republica Moldova

Earrings and bracelet are a store of accessories shop at Capoliveri, Elba

Location: Motel K Milano




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