Bordeaux is with no doubt, one of the most fashionable colors of the 2017 winter. Lately, we can notice it almost everywhere. It simply seems that it is not possible without it and in 2017 it will allure us with even more insistence. Lately, there is no limit for it and it can be found not only on the clothes but also on accessories.

What should know anout bordeaux color? 

This is a color that is good for everyone. It goes well, both for the persons with light skin, but also for the dark-skinned persons. It doesn’t matter the eye color, from blue, green to brown or black, the bordeaux color will not disappoint anyone. Shortly, the bordeaux color, is one that doesn’t make differences and it goes well for every style.

What can we wear this winter on bordeaux? 

In the shops, we can find everything, beginning with dresses, trousers, all types of bordeaux blouses, but also, because it’s winter, we can also find many sweaters in bordeaux. The accessories are not missed here, bordeaux glasses, hats or even little furs but, also we can find bordeaux footwear.

My look hereby is with bordeaux accent, a casual look for an ordinary day of winter when you want to protect yourself from the coldness outside while you take a walk through the old city. I simply adore the sweaters from We love knit C&A. You may see the last year sweater here.





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