Dress yourselves the same! About mother-daughter dresses


Like mother, like daughter. This phrase is usually used to highlight the character, but lately it can be also used to evidentiate the same look between two generations.

I have always wanted to have a little girl just to be able to dress her or to style her hair in the same way as mine. I think it is every woman’s dream that even when she is young discovers this instinct to comb and dress her dolls while dreaming of having a real human doll for herself. Not every time you get to have what you wish for but in my case God listened to my wishes. Any woman when she discovers that she is going to have a baby girl, she wishes that she would look alike. She imagines one day, when she is older, people around that would tend to confuse them.

But before that we have to delightfully enjoy this moment when we transform our dreams into reality. Not only ours but also theirs. Because even the little ones have their own dreams, their own tastes. For instance, little girls tend to look with admiration and dreaming eyes to us, their mothers, when we dress something special. Jessica barely could talk and she had started to give me compliments when she saw me dressed in a special dress for a special occasion, she began to have those big eyes full of admiration and she began telling me “Che bella mamma!”. And then why wait for her to grow up to begin to dress ourselves alike or her to be dressed just like her mother.?

Lately, mother and daughter dressed alike has become a super cool trend. Everything started at Hollywood and spread away, just that there are few shops where you can find almost every type of special clothes for mother and daughter. For instance, dresses, the night gowns are the most difficult to find. In this case it would be much easier to find a good tailor shop and with just a little fantasy, you can have the gown of your dreams. Of course it costs a little bit more, but the result, the unicity, the originality of your attire would worth much more than you could possibly pay for. The identical mother-daughter dresses would always look stylish and beautiful and they will differentiate you both from the others offering a good disposition and harmony. Moreover, when we use them in a party that has you both in the center of attention.

But please pay attention! I would never recommend to wear identical dresses at an event where you are not the center of attention, but only guests, at a wedding, baptise party, because it would not be clever to attract all the attention upon you since it is not your party but some other people’s one. In this particular case, the mother and daughter could very well dress alike, but in different colours, could wear dresses with different cuts, but of the same material, you can very well try to wear same accessories, same colour of shoes, same hair cut or even choose to wear an identical scarf, earrings or neckless etc


Do you dress her like yourself or you dress yourself like her?

Our preferences differ very much to what a child would want. But sometimes it’s better to take into consideration their wishes just to offer them more trust and to demonstrate them that you can listen to them, and their wish matters. In the end, to encourage them counts! If generally tend to choose for a special evening, dresses with steep cleavages, very short ones or even with very long trains, bombarded with sparkles, pearls, beads or diamondss, I don’t think it’s the case when we talk about the young kids attire. First of all you would have to think how confortable would be or how much weight can the child bear. There is no sense to give a child a heavy dress, suffocated by too much material, stones or diamonds etc. For example, little girls just under three are too young to even think of the attire and in this case the best think to offer are the princess-like dresses. In this case it would be better for you to choose another model, but of the same material, on the same colour. In case the little girl is a bit older, you can ask for her opinion on that. For instance, I asked Jessica how would she like her dress, I even showed her some pictures in the magazines and her wish was to have a big little bow. Since her favourite colours are yelow and red, I chose red colour. And I decided to combine elegance with a childish spirit. Thus, we combined each other. I hope you have liked it!







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