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“Hair is a woman’s richest ornament,” a man once said, and I think most men agree with him.

For example, I could never cut my hair short, firstly because my heart wouldn’t let me and secondly because the men in my life wouldn’t let me, who, it seems, were more in love with my hair than with me. 😀

But joking aside, in this article I’d like to tell you about a new hair loss product. We all lose our hair and especially at certain times of the year, we find that our hair falls out even more than usual. It happens to me especially in spring. That’s why every year at the beginning of spring I have to do a hair loss treatment. This year I chose Aveda.

Aveda is a very well known brand internationally, at the beginning it was only accessible to a small clientele, distributed only in elite hairdressing salons.

I had used Aveda products a few years ago (I had received them as a gift) and I loved them ever since, only because of the very high prices I couldn’t afford to continue with them at that time.

What is AVEDA and how does it appear….

The AVEDA brand appeared in 1978 thanks to Horst Rechelbacher, an Austrian hayr stylist , who ventured to India to study meditation, and there he met Swami Rama, an Ayurvedic doctor and spiritual guide, who taught him the fundamentals of Ayurveda and natural remedies.

From here, the main goal of the AVEDA brand is to satisfy customers from the inner well-being, based on the five natural elements (water, earth, fire, air and infinity) Elements, which each of us possesses to determine different needs. Based on the client’s needs AVEDA proposes the right product.

Aveda means “all-knowing”, but it can also be interpreted as love for ourselves, love for the well-being of our body and the whole world around us.

To make a treatment against hair loss we have chosen from the Aveda product range: Invati Advanced™, a new product that appeared in autumn 2017.

Invati Advanced™ features an innovative technology, after 17 years of research and 5 patents of approval, this prosus is formulated with 98% natural ingredients.

Active natural ingredients

Invati Advanced™ is formulated with an exclusive blend of:

– detergents derived from Coconut and Babassu oil -salicylic acid derived from Wintergreen, eliminates sebum buildup – a powerful natural blend of epilobium, licorice and seaweed that balances the amount of sebum on the scalp to provide an excellent foundation for healthy hair growth.

For a conditioning effect and to protect hair from breakage, the ingredients used are:

– coconut oil and natural-origin conditioners -Kukui nut oil, which nourishes and gives hair shine and smoothness – amino acids help to fortify hair

To increase natural cellular energy that promotes hair vitality and makes it thicker and fuller:

-a powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including ginseng and certified organic turmeric, combined with Aveda’s proprietary fermented energy, invigorates skin when massaged licorice and vitamin E helps accelerate microcirculation through massage.

The signature scent of Invati Advanced™ is a delicate Pure-Fume™, an exclusive blend of lavender, rosemary, geranium and pure essences of organically certified borers and botanicals.

The three-phase Invati Advanced™

The Invati Advanced™ system promises reduced hair loss during brushing after just 12 weeks of use. This system consists of 3 basic steps.

Step 1: Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo

With a rich, creamy texture, this shampoo exfoliates and renews the scalp by removing pore-clogging sebum build-up, creating a great base for thicker, fuller hair.

Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo cleanses and detangles hair, protecting it from breakage. It is characterized by a low foaming formula, which allows the ingredients to remain at the base throughout the application of the massage; in this way the cleansing of the lengths takes place at the time of rinsing.It is a shampoo, suitable for limp hair which, being fragile and porous, requires a thick product that, during the egg laying, gives it hydration and elasticity; at the expense of a spirite that threatens to dry them and make them more fragile.

Step 2: Invati Advanced™ Thickening Conditioner

It immediately thickens and nourishes without weighing hair down, protecting it from breakage. Strengthens hair from roots to ends, making them thicker and stronger with a long-lasting volumizing effect.

Step 3-Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer

This is a concentrated lotion that reduces hair loss. To be applied once a day (no more than twice, like the previous system), this new invigorating formula, enriched with a blend of tangerine peel and Japanese polygon, penetrates deeply to increase hair’s natural keratin. Apply only to the roots of the hair.

Where to buy AVEDA products in Italy

Products can be bought separately as well as with the whole set if you want good results and can be found:

In Italy Aveda products can be found in: corner Coin e Coin Excelsior in Milano 5 Giornate, Milano Corso Vercelli, Firenze Calzaiuoli, Roma Cola di rienzo, Roma Sân Giovanni, Treviso, Brescia, Napoli, Bologna, Genova e Milano Excelsior.

All over Italy there are also AVEDA salons, to discover the salon nearest you enter this link www.aveda.it/storelocator

Online on the website www.aveda.it or on www. amazon.it





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