Mombello – short history

Restlessness. Terror. The last mental ward near Millan, Instituto di Cura Antonini is the right place to experience and feel the most terrifying feelings one can have. Here you can live in your own terror movie when you can even get scared of your own breath.

Also known as Mombello, the institute lies in the province of Montza and it consists in a few abandoned pavilions. This place has been deserted for 20 years and has become the favourite inspirational place for many local photographers, but not only.

The history of Mombello dates back in 500 AD when a wealthy Milanese family settled its summer residency. Over the centuries, the villa was changed and it was restored and extended for many times till it was occupied by Napoleon during his campaign in Italy. For its beauty and its location, this place was named by local people, Montebello and later it became only Mombello.

In 1865 this place becomes the property of Millan Province and, at the moment, they decide to transfer here, the mentally ill patients from psychiatric hospital of Senavra. The villa and its pavilions soon got a sinister reputation and its walls separated the civilisation from the world of misery and suffering from inside. Thus, little by little, it transforms into the largest misery ward in Italy that had up to 3000 committed inside.

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