Summer colors

This year the summer has postponed its apperance, but now that the temperature has risen and got round 35 Celsius, we need very light clothes. In Millan it’s very easy to find this kind of dresses that may very well be used for daytime as much as for the night outfit, for a night out with friends at a restaurant. And there is nothing new here as long, large, light dresses can be found very well fit every year. One thing though it is somewhat new, the colours.

The colours for this summer are green, yellow, coral, orange, blue, etc. Strong colours, vivid ones that emanate enthusiasm and vivacity. I myself have made a passion for green and yellow this year. Two colours that have not been found in my wardrobe so far.

Green is the colour of hope, a colour that can be very easy combined with almost anything according to the occasion and the type of attire you want to obtain. In order to get a note of elegance, you may add some black, elegant and chic accessories. On the other hand, for a daytime look, in the strong light of the sun, you can choose vivid colours, white can do the trick here as it emanates freshness or very well you may choose a vivid yellow for the same results.

Bellow, you can see some imagines where I gathered summer colours. What do you say?



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