Porto Giunco: Discover the Wonders of Nature in Sardinia
In this article, I invite you to discover the beauty of Porto Giunco beach with the Notteri Pond that you must definitely see if you come to the Villasimius area.


1.Porto Giunco Beach – White Sand Paradise

Porto Giunco Beach is located within the Cape Carbonara Protected Natural Area, offering unique opportunities to discover the local ecosystem. This beach  stands out for its fine white sand, which creates an idyllic setting for romantic walks along the seashore. You can soak up the sun’s rays as you stroll on the warm sand, and the sounds of the waves will create a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. You’ll definitely want to capture these magical moments in photos.


PORTO GIUNCO: Services and facilities

Restaurants and beach bars

Porto Giunco Beach offers a varied selection of restaurants and beach bars, where you can enjoy delicious local specialities and refreshing cocktails. After a busy day of activities, you can relax and enjoy a meal or a drink in a picturesque setting overlooking the sea.

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Comfortable accommodation

Near Porto Giunco beach you will find many accommodation options, from luxury hotels to modern villas and apartments. Whatever your preferences and budget, you are sure to find a suitable option for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

PORTO GIUNCO: Stagno Notteri

Imagine the sea in front of you, and immediately behind the beach is a huge pond… Seen from a height, Porto Giunco Beach is stunning because it is connected to the Notteri Pond (or Stagno Notteri, as it is called in Italian).

Stagno Notteri is known for being home to a variety of migratory birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Throughout the year, species such as flamingos, white egrets and cormorants can be found here.

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Wetland-specific vegetation and flora

Stagno Notteri is surrounded by abundant vegetation and a variety of wetland plants. From reeds and reeds to rare species of orchids and aquatic grasses, this diverse ecosystem attracts the attention of researchers and nature lovers. A walk through this area will be a remarkable experience, giving you the opportunity to admire the beauty and fragility of nature.

An oasis of peace and relaxation

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