Cavoli Island: boat trip between nature and history

In recent years, I’m increasingly drawn to islands. Islands have become a refuge for me, a hideaway from the crowds and everyday life. But sometimes it seems that’s not enough; in recent years I’ve become increasingly fascinated by uninhabited islands.

The fascinating story of Cavoli Island:

Cavoli Island, located near Villasimius, is a hidden treasure with a fascinating history.

The name of the island is under debate, but there are two predominant explanations.

The first theory suggests that the name comes from “cavurus”, which in Sardinian dialect means “crabs”. The island was thought to be rich in crabs, which abounded in the area. However, the more recent explanation suggests that the name is related to the endemic presence of wild cabbage plants, characterised by their white inflorescences, on the island.

Regardless of the origin of its name, Cavoli Island is a charming place that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and historical heritage.

How to get to Cavoli Island in Villasimius

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Cavoli Island in Villasimius can only be reached by sea, so to get there you need a boat.

Many companies organise tours that allow you to explore this natural wonder. During our adventure, we chose to embark with tour operator L’isola del Gabbiano, which offered us an unforgettable experience.

The starting point is the picturesque port of Villasimius, from where the boat heads towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Boat trip: between nature and history

The landing on Cavoli Island was an emotional moment. As we approached, the impressive 19th century lighthouse and the old, once inhabited building captivated us with their grandeur. We were immediately surrounded by a dimension where wild nature and history blend in perfect harmony.


At the same time, we had the opportunity to explore the island’s beautiful bays.

Cala di Scasciu, sheltered by the winds, welcomed us with its unspoilt beauty.

Cala del Morto, heading towards Cagliari, fascinated us with its mystery and history linked to alleged events.

Cala di Ponente, with access limited to small boats, offered us a corner of peace and quiet.

Cala del Ceppo, with its evocative name, has captivated us with its natural charm.

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This lighthouse, built in the first half of the 19th century and incorporating an old Spanish tower, is a valuable historical testimony.

Another boat experience was seeing this impressive underwater statue underwater…

Madonna del Naufrago: An underwater experience

Madonna del Naufrago is a statue placed on the seabed on Cavoli Island in the summer of 1979. It was created by the famous Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola and stands at a depth of about 11 metres. As the name suggests, the statue is meant to watch over missing sailors and those who sail at sea for duty or pleasure.

Madonna del Naufrago sunk in the waters of Cavoli Island

Every third weekend in July, the inhabitants of Villasimius organise a procession in his honour. On Sundays after Mass, boats laden with flowers head for the island to pay homage to the Virgin Mary. The priest dives in front of the statue accompanied by a team of divers and says prayers. At the end, as a sign of greeting, nearby boats sound their sirens and throw wreaths into the water.

Travel tips and final impressions

If you have the opportunity to visit Cavoli Island, we highly recommend a boat trip, and L’isola del Gabbiano has demonstrated professionalism and reliability. It will allow you to admire the island from a unique perspective and enjoy the beauty of the sea and its bays.

WARNING! Make sure you book early, especially in the height of the summer season.

During the afternoon spent in the boat on Cavoli Island, we were fascinated by the unspoilt nature, the crystal clear waters and the rich flora and fauna that populate the island. So, if you are planning a holiday in Villasimius, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Cavoli Island and have an unforgettable boat experience.

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