Most beautiful streets in Milan unknown to tourists

The European Fashion Capital, but also a custodian of art and cultural institutions, Milan continues to attract millions of visitors from all over the world, who come to admire the city or come to experience the nightlife. Every year Milan hosts international events that attract the elite of international society.  Milano impresses visitors with its modern and extravagant urban architecture, with an air of old and new, perfectly blending classicism and modernism.

In a post previously I promised you that I would introduce you to some very beautiful, but less known to tourists, streets in Milan. So, I begin by presenting five streets in Milan that are considered very beautiful and worth visiting.


Want to see the “rainbow” when you’re in Milan? Then you should know that there is a street nicknamed “rainbow street”, in reality we are talking about  Via Lincoln. Not far from the Porta Nuova district is Via Lincoln, a wonderful street that seems to be detached from everything that is Milan, as if you woke up in another city, somewhere by the sea. In Via Lincoln there is a small neighborhood of colorful villas that make the place seem magical, detached from a fairy tale. Pictures can confirm it, but don’t miss taking a walk there to see it for yourself.


Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro Street starts from Piazza San Simpliciano, passing next to the church of the same name. It is in the Brera area, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in all of Milan. This street preserves a medieval atmosphere, having been completed after the Second World War.


This house, which looks like something out of a Hanesl and Gretel story, is located in Via Giambologna at the corner of Via Castelabrco, in the southern part of Milan, near Bocconi University. In this area there are several picturesque streets: via Caimi, via Ottolini and via Paeselli.


Santa Croce street is extraordinarily beautiful, I was just recently there. Santa Croce is right near the Columna di San Lorenzo (Colonne di San Lorenzo), which, again, is worth seeing. This place is right in the centre, just a few stops by tram from the Duomo or by metro you can  get off at Cadorna or Porta Genova, from where you will walk for about 15 minutes.


This street is not far from the Duomo, between Piazza Missori and the Basilica di San Lorenzo. It is a paved street with granite stones gathered from the river.

These are the first five streets presented today, I will continue with another article in which I will present other streets and places in Milan. In the next article in the Travel category, I’ll tell you about Milan’s luxury streets and neighbourhoods, where you can always meet a TV Vip.
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