It’s holiday time in Italy. August is also the month of holidays for Romanians who work in Italy. Many Romanians return home, but some choose to visit Italy or travel to other destinations. If you’re tired of seeing the same places and would like to try exploring the beaches of other countries this year it seems all possible. Many airlines in Italy have put out tickets at incredibly low prices for August. So, if you haven’t decided where to go on holiday, you can choose any destination you like in Europe at a very good price. Leave behind the stress you’ve accumulated this year and relax in the most beautiful resorts along the Italian coast or stroll through the streets of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Venice – Discover the beauty of the city on water

We have selected some destinations with low cost flights from Italy to other European cities for August. So, if you need to decide where to spend your holiday, in this list you will surely find the most suitable place for you. And the prices are really amazing.

List low cost flights from Italy to other European cities in August

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Budapest from 20 euros

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe

Budapest is a very beautiful city, but also very iefty. You will surely fall in love as soon as you get there, because the atmosphere is amazing, especially in summer, when you can walk through the streets full of tourists. For example from the second half of August airfares from Italy to Budapest start from 20 Euro.

Sanremo- attraction for tourists from all over the world

Malta from 30 Euro

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe

Malta, south of Sicily, is a magical and extraordinarily beautiful place. The Maltese archipelago is made up of the most beautiful islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, which boast beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and year-round sunshine. The Maltese islands are more than just an open-air museum. The group of islands exudes an almost palpable pleasure. Their power of attraction lies in a unique blend of old and new, where history accompanies the present.

Barcelona from 30 euros

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe

Friendly, young and colourful, Barcelona impresses with its talent and energy. La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter, Gaudi’s Wonders are just a fewplaces to see as you stroll through the city’s beautiful streets. And yet, Barcelona is a perfect tourist attraction during the summer break, as at an affordable price, besides exploring a new culture and visiting the city, you can also sunbathe. Along the coast you’ll find restaurants serving Catalan cuisine and all sorts of festivals.

Berlin from 30 euros

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe

Berlin is the perfect city to visit in any season: always fresh, always changing and always crowded. Temperatures are milder this time of year, so you can thoroughly enjoy visiting the city and its historical monuments, as well as its modern architecture and museums.

London from €35

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe

London never disappoints. Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus are the places that maintain the charm of the British capital, which remains one of the most popular tourist destinations, although economically a holiday in London is quite expensive. However, you may find that many museums, tourist attractions have free entry. During the summer, London has beautiful parks where you can relax or attend various festivals and outdoor shows. You can also take advantage of a trip to the British capital during periods when flights are reasonably priced, and August seems to be excellent.

Warsaw From 38 euros

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe One of the biggest and best known cities in Poland, along with Kraków or Wroclaw, Warsaw will steal your heart with its historic centre and Unesco Heritage. Warsaw visited in the summer becomes more pleasant, as the rivers running through the city are dotted with trendy pubs, where you can relax in the evening listening to good music and enjoying a delicious cocktail.

Creta from €40

Travel Zboruri low cost din Italia spre Europa

If you haven’t yet seen a sunset show during summer in Greece, then you should not hesitate. The island of Crete could be the perfect destination for a dream holiday with gorgeous beaches, emerald to turquoise changing water and a fairytale orange sunrise or sunset.

Praga da le 40 euro

Travel Low cost flights from Italy to Europe Impressive is Prague with its bohemian soul that alters with beauty. Prague is full of interesting things to do and see. It is worth visiting!

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