Cinque Terre: Vernazza, the place to admire artworks

This is the time of year when thoughts of holidays, the beautiful places we have seen, the places we would like to see, all mix together with the impatience to go on holiday. I have to admit that this is my state of mind right now, but by the time I get on holiday and to another magnificent place, I am reminded of last year’s holiday: 5 Terre- Vernazza, a gem. 

Browsing through the computer I found the photos from last year’s holiday. Some have already been published, some haven’t, but that doesn’t matter, what I want to tell you now is that some places are works of art in their own right. Just look at these photos of Vernazza– a small village on the west coast of Italy, is one of them.  Climbing up the tower  Castle A. Doria, Vernazza can be seen in its entirety, and from here photos become paintings.  The colourful houses, the blue sea and horizon, the bright sun and the clouds….all make you dream of a fascinating holiday. And, yes, Vernazza has a lot of charm, it’s very captivating, with narrow streets, breathtaking scenery, beautiful terraces. Imagine enjoying a glass of wine on a Vernazza terrace where you can admire the most beautiful sunset.

I’m glad I got to see that sunset. Although some places really excite me, I always choose  new places. I love discovering unknown places and seeing their authenticity.  As for Vernazza there is no doubt, I would even say that it is even more beautiful than you can see in the pictures. Because such places have a particular taste and  smells that penetrate your soul: the smell and taste of fresh fish eaten on the seashore, the aroma of wine sipped in a romantic atmosphere under the light of the lanterns in the harbour and the adrenaline of the intoxicating moon that lures you for a walk every evening.

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