Summer 2017: Have you prepared yourself for the swimming suit contest this year?

Have you prepared yourself for the swimming suit contest this year? There are just a few days ahead and the holiday will come, you certainly make plans for a seaside holiday or some days with your friends at the pool. But are you ready to expose your skin to the sun?

If you wish a beautiful tan but also a healthy skin, you should already prepare yourself to expose your skin to the sun rays, thus, it’s very important to know what products can offer you a beautiful, uniform and light color and to avoid any sunburns or irritations.

So, let’s see what has to be done and how I prepare myself for the summer.

The summer days in Italy are very hot; sometime-time the temperature reaches up to 40C and because of that when the first spring sun rays appear, I begin to pay attention a bit more to my body and my skin. Especially because my skin is very white and the sun catches me very fast.

The moment the spring and the good weather come, a desire to spend more time in the nature occurs in us. This year the spring came a bit late, but little by little the sun begins to bite our cheeks and touch the skin which is pale and weak after the winter period. Because of this, we need to focus a bit more on our skin that we unveil fast and we expose it to the sun rays.

Thus, for a perfect tan and a healthy skin, the preparation must start as soon as possible, the sooner, the better. The skin needs a profound revival to eliminate the dead cells of the skin, and to clear free the pores in order to breath. Because of that, it’s best to begin the preparation from within following an adequate diet and C and CD vitamins, or simply try to eat more carrots, nettles, cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower.

Another important thing is to have with you a moisturizer and protective cream. The spring is an instable season, there are sunny days, but also cloudy days too, with rains, and there are those days when we simply don’t know what to wear. If in the morning, it may look windy and cold, over the day, at noon, the weather may become hot and you can even get a tan. For this, we always need to have a skin protective cream with us.

A few moments of sun every day

For a perfect tan and a healthy skin, it’s not enough to do what I have written above, but you need to take care of your body, little by little, every day. Begin the sun exposure little by little, 5-10 minutes a day, after that you can increase it up to 30 minutes till you notice that your skin got a bit darker, only then you can afford yourself to spend hours by the pool or at the seaside. Oh, and when you have sun baths, never forget to wear a hat and sunglasses.

I wish you all, days full of sun and a nice tan!



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