Relaxed Outfit in the Spring




I have been absent for a couple of days, you probably missed me. The catholic Easter has past already, the mini holiday too and I felt the need to take a small break of a few days and forget about the computer. Just to completely disconnect from the internet was not possible because that would have implied to hide my cell phone, but on the other hand, when I don’t get to use the computer, it is a plus for me. Because there was a good weather, I preferred to have some walks, I also read a book and I managed to make some pictures as well.

I discovered a very nice and quiet place near Vigevano and I didn’t wait for too long and took the following pictures.

Over the time, you saw me in many pictures and in almost all of them, I used to wear something elegant, casual-elegant. This spring something “has corrupted” me and I bought myself a pair of tennis shoes and a couple of large T-shirts. I hadn’t been wearing sport shoes from the high school, I alsways preferred something cozy but also elegant. Besides the sneakers I use to run with, I didn’t have any other pair of sport shoes in my wardrobe.

This spring there is a real crazy thing with the tennis shoes with sparkles. They can be found in any colours or shapes and even more, the fashion doesn’t have any limits, they can be worn with anything: skirts, dresses, trousers, tights, in any shapes: elegant, sport, casual. The combinations are countless but anything you may choose, the tennis shoes will manage to make you feel comfy.

Also, this year, at Milan, the large T-shirts with a lot of prints on them are very fashionable. I fell in love almost instantly with the T-shirt you see in these pictures.

All this being said, I will let you admire my shooting and my new outfit with attitude.






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