Cavo, Elba: Discover the Beauty of this Resort

Cavo is a little village situated in the northern part of the Elba island, 15 minutes away from the Rio Marina city.

Cavo is rather a summer resort situated at the base of Grosso mountain, with a little harbour and little houses along the sea.

I begin to present you this little village as this was the place I lived while I was living on Elba island. A very quiet place, just like a small part of heaven, moreover, I used to live in a villa on the top of the Grosso mountain, named Le Paffe.

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On this top there are about ten houses spread around terraced. The sounds of this place are almost mute all the time, but in August when Cavo gets filled up with tourists and many of the houses in the Le Paffe area are rented by tourists, you can sometimes hear a toddler’s cry or maybe a dog’s barking. Living in the middle of the forest, on a top of the mountain is what is called a healthy living. The everyday sport is to descend and climb up the mountain which at first may take your breath away but, not after you get to know it and resist it.

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From the patio, the view is delightful and because of the trees, the rays of the sun hang as being sleepy. In the distance, you can see the sea with many little boats. The deep quietness is sometimes disturbed by the seagulls cry, and hourly a ship’s horn breaks up the monotony of the moment, just like the ticking of Big Ban in London announcing the exact hour.



A real disadvantage of this wonderful place is the insects and the boars that can cross your path and sometimes they can even take your breath away. After my first experience from last year, the next time, I came along a bit better equipped with lots of spray against insects and all. That’s because many times I got eaten up by all sorts of mosquitos and sometimes even by unknown insects. Last year I got to know the boars better. Because of the drought, they used to come down along to the people’s houses for food or water. Thus, the night became not safe for walks in the forest at anytime you could get face to face with a little baby boar or even worse, with its mother (it really happened to us but, luckily we were in the car and we had to stop and let the wild animals pass along as they didn’t even bother to get scared by the lights of the car or the horn or even our presence.)

Getting back to Cavo, it is a very well organized little village with symmetrical arranged houses along the sea, with clean beaches with grit and clean water. At Cavo I met nice decent people. It’s enough to go sit on a patio of a restaurant for a cup of coffee and you got yourself a partner for a small chat.

You cannot find too many shops or night clubs. There is only one supermarket and another three small shops. In front of the harbour there is a chain of restaurants where you can cozily have something to eat and admire the sunset or the sea lit up by the lamps on the shore with a background made by a saxophone nearby.



The prices are a little bit higher in comparison to the ones on the continent. In the supermarket, one kilo of fruits is more than three euros, while in Vigevano they are available at 99 cents. The economy of the island is moved by the tourism, ships, restaurants and bars. People here work only during the estival season and earn money as others during the whole year.

No matter that it is only a small village, Cavo won my heart with its simplicity, with its quietness and the safety that offers you when you stroll on the beach, admiring the bunch of seagulls and the waves of the sea. But still, the most beautiful place to which I always ran to, when I wanted to breathe the sea air in the wind was, Frugoso Beach.




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