10 Superb images from Elba Island

Any unknown place brings you new experiences, it gets you out from the everyday life, and it helps you charge your batteries. At least this is what I feel every time I step into a new place.

No matter if it’s simply for pleasure or just a temporary relocation for a job, the joy of getting to know new places and people brings me a sort of satisfaction. In the last three years, I managed to escape every summer from the urban reality where you tend to melt yourself amongst the buildings, and get a job on the seaside.

This is how I end up on Elba Island. Now that the summer is coming, I begin to miss Elba. Although I was there for approximately three and a half months in the last three years, I got myself attached to those places and their people.

ELBA TRIPS: Villa Mulini- Napoleon’s garden

I stirred into my computer and I found a lot of pictures and emotions I felt on Elba. I’m going to have to take every each one of them, to talk about them and the unique moments there that forever spelled Elba, on my heart. But now I would only want to show you 10 pictures I made there on the Elba Island.

Discover the Elba Island. A short history of the place or what you should know about Napoleon’s island.

The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is also part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, and the third largest island in Italy, having a 120 km diameter. The island is part of the province of Livorno and is divided into eight municipalities: Portoferraio, Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina and Rio nell’Elba.

You can get to the island, both by ship (from Piombino to Portoferraio, situated in the north of the island, Rio Marina and Cavo, in the east) or by the plane (airport Marina di Campo).

The island gets very well known since the time when the Etruscans mined here for iron, followed by Romans, Pisans (inhabitants of the maritime republic of Pisa), Spanish people who built the Porto Azzurro that bears the special sign of the Spanish architecture and the Florentines, Cosimo de Medici building Portoferraio round 1600, almost unchanged after so many years.

Bucharest – Paris of the Eastern Europe

But before all, the island gets famous because of Napoleon Bonaparte who gets himself exiled there in 1814. The French political leader, also known as Napoleon I, lived there for only 10 months but the places where he lived became important places.

A coast of this island is called the chair of Napoleon (sedia di Napoleone) because it’s said that he used to come here to look to his beloved island of Corsica. When the winds blow the clouds away and the sky becomes clear, you can see the island of Corsica in its beauty but also the other islands of the archipelago: Montecristo, Pianosa, and Giglio.

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8. Rio Marina
Rio Marina
Plaja Furgoso. Cavo
Porto Azzuro 3
Porto Azzuro
Porto Azzuro
Porto Azzuro
Porto ferraio
Portoferraio văzut din larg
Curva D’Asta
Apus de soare
“Isola dei topi”- Insula soarecilor, văzută de pe plaja Furgoso





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