Monferrato: On the road to Italian wine

Nature is the most beautiful work of art. Nature or the whole universe has the greatest power over mankind. In tomorrow it is us. We belong to her and we must accept this fact, whether we like it or not. If nature starts to run amok, you already know how many kinds of catastrophes can happen. The most recent being Hurricane Irma or the earthquake in Mexico.

It’s sad, but I wouldn’t want to talk about sad things! What I want to tell you now is to love nature and love it as yourself. And take time to spend it in nature, to wander far and wide through forests, hills, hills, etc. Look at the trees, look at the birds in flight, look at the clouds, look at the stars at night…Listen to the sound of the birds and the howl of the animals….Stop and admire the flowers, don’t just trample on them….If you open your soul to nature, if you open your eyes to the little things, only then will you be able to see that your whole existence is full of joy. Everything is pure happiness. We humans are ungrateful.

Nature, in her splendour, is happy for no reason and welcomes us in her arms every one….Look at the flowers, it is amazing how happy they are and how year after year they continue to bloom, they don’t wait to be loved, they don’t mind that maybe many people don’t love them or  hastily trample them underfoot….They continue to bloom year after year and make themselves useful to the universe. They dedicate themselves to nature, as we humans should  be faithful to life, be grateful and thankful for what we have and have been given. To some it has given more, to others it has given less. And  perhaps…. some will give more and some will leave less.

Learn to enjoy the little things, learn to love without waiting to be loved, learn to give without waiting to receive back, learn to speak kindly, even to those who do not…Learn to be free, and from your freedom give to others. Let those you love be free, if they want to they will come back, if not, you know,  they will leave anyway. Learn to appreciate yourself more and criticize others less. You are you, and others are them, unique, each in their own way.

This time I come to present another magical place in the Italian land: Monferrato!

Monferrato was our last holiday destination this summer. We chose to go here towards the end of August to celebrate the end of summer, but also the beginning of autumn.

Monferrato is a historical-geographical region  in the Province of Alessandria, located  about 120 km from Milan.

Monferrato is known for its vineyards and beautiful hills that once there will enrich your eyes.

On 1 June 2006, a delegation made up of the provinces of Asti, Piedmont and Cuneo officially presented in Paris the application package to include the Monferrato territory in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On 22 June 2014, during the 38th session of the UNESCO Committee Monferrato was included on the list of World Heritage properties.

By the end of August I was a bit melancholic and thinking about Moldova. This autumn it’s been two years since I’ve been home, and autumn makes the longing seem more intense than at other times of the year. Monferrato this year, with its beautiful hills and vineyards, made me feel at home in Moldova.

The smell of grapes, the smell of plains and hay – a sweet breeze from my childhood.

We stayed in a villa 1 km from Casale Monferrato, right in the heart of nature. There was only this one villa-B&B in the middle of the field and only in the distance you could see another villa or a small hamlet. The villa is a real pearl, with all the necessary amenities, furnished and decorated in antique style, with a romantic touch of the last century. I fell madly in love with this house and its spacious garden with swimming pool and terraces in the shade of the trees, a bit like in American movies.

Deep down I’ve always been a romantic, I had a period where I hid this side of me. But lately the flame of romance and meditation has been rekindled, I can tell by the places I choose for my holidays. I prefer peace and nature, I prefer to devote myself to my soul rather than the chaos of a big city. It’s probably also because of my age. 🙂 🙂

In the end what can I say, I loved everything about Monferrato. It was a perfect destination to say goodbye to our sunny holidays until next summer.

About Monferrato and what places I visited and what I recommend you to visit if you decide to go there, I will talk to you in a future article. This time I’ll just leave you with some photos and a link to a good place to stay: Villa Manu!






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