Italy tourist destinations: what we visited in 2017

Italy is a beautiful country rich in tourist destinations. Setting off in search of the most beautiful places in Italy is a never-ending adventure, because every place is unique and has a special magic. From the #descoperaitalia series in 2017 we went to the Monferrato, Cogoleto, Alassio, Zuccarello, Varigotti…etc. Here is a short retrospective of our 2017 horseback riding.


Monferrato a fot our last holiday destination this summer. We chose to go here towards the end of August to celebrate the end of summer, but also the beginning of autumn. Monferrato is known for its vineyards and gorgeous hills that once you get there will enrich your eyes.

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Cogoleto, a municipality in the province of Genoa, was our first holiday destination in summer 2017. In this area we combined mountain air with sea air, we had many hikes on steep paths with beautiful landscapes.


Zuccarello is a sat that still retains its medieval atmosphere. It’s a quiet and beautiful place, even if there’s not much to see in Zuccarello, apart from a medieval bridge crossing the Neva stream and the ruins of Ilaria Castle, we loved this magical little place, just 20 minutes from Alassio, a tourist destination on the Ligurian coast. See also ZUCCARELLO CASTLE.


Zuccarello: Summer Nights with Charms

“This summer I visited a lot of new places, which I am still contemplating. Even though the summer is over, I can still feel the vibes of travel in my veins. I can still feel the smell of the sea and the adrenaline rush that kept us awake for 16 hours out of 24. Every day was different, every setting off was a new thrill, every new place seen was a delight to the soul!” I wrote in a post after we returned from Varigotti.



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