Imagna Valley: the refuge at the foot of the mountains

Just a stone’s throw from Bergamo, at the foot of the Lombardy foothills, lies the Imagna Valley, a peaceful little paradise with little treasures. If you want to spend a holiday in the middle of nature and enjoy excellent food, don’t miss the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience.

This time I want to introduce you to a new holiday destination in Italy: Imagna Valley. A little place in the Lombardy area, 20 km from Bergamo and about 50 km from Milan.

Ready to go?

We started the new year with a little getaway inn munties. We wanted a little place where we could go sledding and make a big snowball drop just like in our childhood days. Those were beautiful winters then, but unfortunately they are not the same anymore and our children grow up without knowing the joy of fun in the snow. So the only solution is to take advantage of a few days off to run up into the mountains, where it still snows sometimes, and the snow manages to form that white carpet all around. 

After my escapades on the-Italian-coastsince August, we haven’t been able to go anywhere, so I couldn’t wait for 2017 to end so I could take a few more days off to relax somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A trip to the mountains was just perfect to reset our batteries for the new year.  We set out from the start on the idea of looking for a little place not far from Milan, but where we could have fun in the middle of nature with Jessica. So, after much searching we discovered the Imagna Valley. Mountains, snow, peace and quiet and fairy-tale views… That’s where I said I wanted to go!

We left on our adventure on the 4th of January and returned on the 7th of January, so we had 4 days and 3 nights of total relaxation, detached from the world and daily problems.  

Rota d’Imagna, a valley that captures your spirit

As for the Imagna Valley, the first impression that comes to mind right now is:  Breathtaking views and lots of adrenaline. Imagna Valley  includes several localities with a remarkable historical and natural heritage. Îfirst of all, I would like to introduce  Rota d’Imagna, the locality where we had our accommodation.  

This small town lies between Rota Dentro and Rota Fuori and is known thanks to the famous architect Giacomo Quarenghi: one of the most important exponents of neoclassical architecture in Russia, which originated in Rota D’ Imagna.  

From the town of Rota d’Imagna there are several trails for hiking and mountain biking lovers. Also nearby, I understand, are some very old caves, where signs of human settlement dating back to the Bronze Age have been found.  We didn’t get to visit these places, I think the caves are more suitable to exploreor spring or summer.  

Fuipiano: place in the heart of the mountains

One of the most beautiful villages in the Imagna valley  is Fuipiano, a small village on top of the mountains, from where you can see the whole valley best. Fuipiano looks like a fairytale village. The old local stone houses and typical huts create this magic. We arrived here on the very second day of our holiday. Here we ventured sledding and snowbogganing and Jessica  was very happy.  

Accommodation, relaxation and good food in Valle Imagna

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Of the typical local specialties we had the opportunity to eat at the Hotel restaurant Albergo Moderno, located in Fuipiano. Basically it’s the most appreciated restaurant in the area, where the food is just like at home.











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