About summer travel and sunsets

About travel and sunsets.  “Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before”, says a phrase of the Dalai Lama.

I could give up a lot of things: clothes, jewellery, heels and more. But I would never give up my passion for travelling, my desire to discover and see the world in all its immensity. It is only by travelling that we truly manage to open up, to give ourselves to the world.

Every little trip, even to the most banal place in the neighbourhood, is a self-discovery, a delight for the soul and at the same time a meditation.

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Traveling transforms you, helps you realize your small place in the world.

Travel makes you better

Travel has many benefits for our mental health, personal development and can also be a great way to develop new skills. Travel can help you become a better person and develop new ways of thinking.

Travelling is said to kill any ego and show you that part of life you didn’t know until you started travelling, which is: you don’t belong to anyone in particular, you only belong to yourself and the whole Universe.

There is one aspect of my travels that I can never do without: Sunsets!

The most beautiful sunsets

I love sunsets admired from high above, whether it’s a sunset over the sea, on a lake or from behind a mountain. Sunsets are always magical and spectacular. Always unique.

I have seen many sunsets and all of them have charged me with different emotions, an unimaginable tension and energy. I keep believing that sunsets are a spell, a spell of  romantic souls, as well as  spell for those in love.

Very often, we get lost in the avalanche of desires, some cheaper, some more expensive.

We try to save as much as we can, thinking that this is our purpose in life: to collect money and all kinds of material things: houses, cars, clothes and jewellery and lots of fun.

The joys of the soul are so small and simple

It is enough to arrive in an unknown place and give the soul the greatest wealth: joy and delight.

Want a tip, when you get to a new place try to disconnect from everything old and let the unknown absorb you, give yourself to that space completely and live from the emotions.

This summer I visited a lot of new places, which I am still contemplating. Even though summer is over, I can still feel the vibes of travel in my veins. I can still feel the smell of the sea and the adrenaline rush that kept us awake for 16 hours out of 24. Every day was different, every setting off was a new thrill, every new place seen was a delight to the soul!

And the most exciting for me is when I get to take Jessica.

I like the idea of discovering the world together. I love enjoying the little things she enjoys!

I love to see her little eyes twinkle with wonder and excitement when she discovers something new for the first time. Now that she’s grown up and not throwing tantrums all the time, it’s all become easier.

We managed to have a lot of fun on the beach, but also to enjoy an aperitif on a terrace where we could admire and contemplate the sunset in silence.

Cinque Terre: Vernazza, the place to admire works of art

PS: Whether you’re looking for a frame-worthy photo or simply want to enjoy one last view before the day comes to an end, the beauty and tranquility found in a sunset should not be underestimated.

About Liguria- Varigotti

Liguria is a small region in north-western Italy, bordering France. Liguria is one of the most popular regions in Italy and attracts many tourists every year. It is known for its huge beaches and crystal clear water. But especially for the villages perched on cliffs, such as the famous Cinque Terre area, Finale Ligure, significant cities such as Genoa, Sanremo, Imperia, Portofino.

A holiday in Liguria is perfect for both beach lovers and those always looking for a change of scenery. It’s a stunning destination with beautiful nature, great food, delicious wines and friendly people.

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PHOTO: Varigotti Liguria



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