Zuccarello: Summer Nights with Charms

With a slight melancholy, in the cool autumn nights I long for the beautiful summer nights after our fantastic holiday in the narrow streets of Zuccarello. I’ve already told you a bit about this wonderful place in Liguria, more precisely in the Province of Savona, Italy!

Zuccarello at night is a gem in the true sense of the word. The narrow streets and the lit lanterns give a touch of romance and intimacy to this fairytale place.  Sometimes words are not enough to describe a place where you left some emotions, a place that charged you with other emotions. Sometimes even pictures are not enough to truly capture the beauty seen with the naked eye. The intoxicating smell of flowers, the fresh air, the magical moon at the corner of a cliff,  the stillness of the night where you can only hear the waters of a river meandering downstream and our soft footsteps walking down the street!

Zuccarello Castle- through the ruins of the past and NEW with adventures

On one of the evenings we were in Zuccarello, a traditional local evening was held, called: Witches’ Night!

Do you know the story of the witches burned at the stake or tortured and stoned to death? Apparently there were once many witches in Zuccarello, and for some years now they have been celebrating the Night of the Witches, where all the inhabitants of the village and the surrounding area come dressed in medieval costumes, the women turn into witches or fairies, and the men become knights, monks or executioners. And this event transports us back a few centuries, makes us live for a few seconds in another historical dimension.

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