My street look #MFW2017. What you should know about the fashion week

The Milan fashion week has just ended. It was the second edition for me, and I began to like it, even though it was not so easy. Until I got myself involved in that event, I had thought that everything was simply fascinating, the life has been just as pink as possible, with 12 cm high heels, just like the ones of superstars that I used to see when watching TV. But only when you really start working in this field, you begin to feel and understand the pressure that you never see on TV. You begin to feel, to feel the stress and the pain in your legs, after one or two days of running from one presentation to another, whilst in the evening you need to attend to some other events, that are going to finish way after midnight. Even so, I simply adore this world, it just gives me an enormous satisfaction. Running from one place to the other, I got used right from the period when I was a student in journalism, when I understood that being a journalist is a job that it has to be done with the head but also with your legs. The field work, continuously looking for new subjects, at first, I felt it was terrible, but shortly I began to see the full part of the glass and discover that that was the exact thing I needed, in order to keep the adrenaline popping up into my veins. Sometimes I just miss the first two years of college. I consider them the best ones, even though they were the most difficult ones. Now I remember them, running on the streets of Milan, from one event to another, from various shootings to other fashion presentations.

During the Milan fashion week, there are more than 100 events, all in different corners of the city. It’s practically impossible to attend to all of them. Many of them are scheduled at the same hour, in this case you only need to choose between them, which one is more important for you, what you really want to see. Others are scheduled within an interval of no more than 10-20 min between the end of one and the beginning of the other, and of course the locations are in different parts of the city. So it’s a real challenge to try to reach out to them. In order to resist to this period, you need very well tricks and precise schemes.

With this post, I am going to tell you what I understood from the fashion week, and what the tricks and rules are to be able to cope up with:

  1. Always check the weather first, as based exclusively on that, you can choose the right outfits for the events.
  2. Carefully check the timing of the events, check the distances between places on a map. In addition to that, see the meaning of transportation from one place to the other and the durations of the travel.
  3. 3. Be sure you have the right shoes. Light soled shoes on your feet and the high heels in your bag. Once you reach the destination, you will find a place in a corner of a street where to change shoes. In the fall of last year, I was at my first attendance and everything seemed so wow to me. I get to the fashion week, and I have to look perfect on some 12 cm high heels. After some hours, and after some km on the road from one place to the other, I simply lost any mood for the fashion week. I just told myself I would never ever do that madness again. You simply destroy your feet. Ok, and my first question that came into my mind was, how others manage to do it? Sincerely, I saw many fashion bloggers and VIP’s that simply come directly with the light shoes on, and those who prefer to hop up on high heels for pictures, they always have them prepared in their bags.
  4. Be sure you have the right bag for the strict necessary things, and also be sure that the second pair of shoes fit inside, of course if you don’t want an additional hand case with you.
  5. Try to wear something as original as possible. Try to avoid ordinary clothes. Try to identify shops that sell unique clothes, or otherwise you may get in front of any other persons, that would wear the exact same clothes like you.
  6. Do not go to any events where you are not previously invited. In order to get to the fashion week, you need an invitation or, a journalist or photographer accreditation. Otherwise you risk to not be able to get in.
  7. Once you get inside, be aware that the seats are reserved for each area, the blogger and journalists zone, the photographers and videographers zone, the special guests of honor, etc. You will be led by the special personnel to an area and you have to comply with it.
  8. Do not dare to get your legs crossed.
  9. Do not talk loudly and do not talk during the presentations.
  10. Do not criticize any presentation, even though you don’t like it, otherwise you risk to not be invited again.  

One day at Milano Fashion Week. This is my #look-ul #MFW2017



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