Fashion Week Milano 2017: PREPARATIONS

There are days and days. There are days with a lot of sun and some days when there’s only a grey spot. Sometimes we see everything in vivid colors and sometimes we see it all in black and white. But what would it be if we could put a little color there, somewhere, so it could make us smile and make us go straight and with optimism even when it’s raining outside. We are close to the end of February and I just can’t wait for the winter to be finished. It’s not my favourite season, especially since it doesn’t come with that load of snow, but only full of grey days.

The last week of winter is marked by a very important event in Milan. The Fashion Week. Beginning with the 22nd of February and till the 28th of February. Milan – the capital of European fashion, will ecstasily celebrate it, events after events will take place, but the most important ones will be the presentations of the new collections of clothes autumn/winter 2017-2018. There are just a few days and we’ll be able to find out what we’ll wear for the next autumn/winter.

How can you participate at the Fashion Week 2017?

This is one question that can be seen on many people’s lips. Many people think that Fashion Weeks in Milan or elsewhere by case, it only means there will be a row of fashion presentations with limited access except the VIP’s. In reality, it’s not like that at all, the Fashion Weeks consists in those 7 days that are more complex. During those days there are a lot of events that are accessible to almost everyone. Yes, it’s perfectly true that for some events, one will need an accreditation and some others are available only upon a valid invitation, while others are available by paid ticket. The prices may vary between 10 to 50 Euro.

Now I would like to present you my new look with the zebra-like fur coat. I liked it so much when I saw it and I couldn’t resit not to buy it. It’s an artificial fur, but the effect black and white makes it out.
It’s a perfect combination, harmonious, refined and elegant, as described once by Coco Chanel. The black and white are the noncolors that will always be admired and nice to see, regardless of the season or fashion. These nuances can never be extinct, but yet, if you want to get even more attention, you only need to add a shade of color to it, colored footwear, colored purses that are so fashionable nowadays, here is my combination for a stroll in Milan




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