Sensuality and style on the beach


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This time I am really, really late with my posts, I had a really hectic period of time with my work and other activities and I left my blogging activity a little bit on a side.

On short, I would like to tell you that in August I had a lot to work but also I had the previlage to enjoy a few outstanding moments.

  • 4 days of holiday in Cinque Terre- Vernazza
  • Weekends at Lago del Como, Lago Maggiore, Lago d’Orta
  • Events and fashion competitions plus shootings and other new projects and collaborations

The summary period is already over now, we begin a new season that I hope will be very productive in my activity on the blog. Until I give a start for the new season that I planned to be during the fashion week in Milan, I post here some images with my outfits I had on the seaside.




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