Looking for the happiness or when the happiness becomes mandatory

Have you ever thought that nowadays, the happiness is no longer a pleasure, but rather a compulsory obligation? Since the virtual reality has conquered our lives, there is something in us that has changed, it created in us the need to be happy, not just to be happy, but to show others our happiness, that most of the time is an illusion, a way of personal slavery, a torture. A very bad way of living, when you end up dreaming of what it might make you happy or other to see or know about you and never to just live your life in total freedom and just be yourself.

To search for happiness today is very difficult. Even very difficult when it should be very easy. Even in the summer, when we should enjoy life and the sun, good weather and all the beauties of the nature. I believe that the summer should be lived fully in the nature where we can enjoy being free in an infinite world. There is no sense to stay locked indoors, in front of a computer, it doesn’t make any sense to follow others on the internet because the happiness is so much farther than that. The true happiness should be colourful as much as the clothes we like and wear. But also it should be original.

Here is a new outfit in the middle of nature.




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