Frugoso Beach

Frugoso beach, also known as Capo Castello, can be found at the north of Cavo and to be able to get there you need to cross the whole village along the bank of the sea.

The beach is huge, near it there are a few other smaller ones hidden from human eyes. The beach is covered in grid and it is very crowded because in this part you can explore the sea, to snorkel, watch the fishes and the vegetation under the water.

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On the right of the beach, you can see a little island named Insola dei Topi (the Island of mice) and on the left side, when there is a good weather and clear sky, you can see the continent and the city of Piombino.

The beach, being of a steep terrain, above the way that leads towards the sea, there is a parking place and a bar which is built in a rustic way, made of wood with a thatch roof that would chill the tourists in the summer on a hot weather.

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