Many people asked me where I got this kerchief, hmm, and even fewer believed me that it is from the 80’s. Yes! The fashion has come back and as I have a very gathering mother, I found some stuff through her wardrobe (When I was back home in Moldova, of course)

This traditional kerchief, that reminds me with pleasure about my origins, here, far away from my country, has its own story.. My mother received it as a gift from my father over 30 years ago for Internationl Woman’s Day, on the 8th of March. Nice, isn’t it? Now, I feel even proud that I am able to wear it. Moreover, it is worn by the third generation, as my little daughter loves it and wear it sometimes.

Here, I used this kerchief to create a modern gypsy look


Tricou: CVG Moda

Pantaloni: JustCavalli









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