How do we wear a long jacket 



An elegant jacket is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, no matter if she uses it for a daily routine to go to work or for a special occasion, a ceremony for which you opt for an elegant outfit or for a business meeting. And be aware that it is said that the firt impression counts especially for a professional meeting.

There are many ways you can wear a long jacket. It fits well both with blue jeans or classic trousers or elegant. The latest fashion would fit them well with short pants or knickers as well depending on everyone’s style. But it also depends on the shape of the jacket.

In this particular case I wear a long elegant printed jacket, perfect for special occasions to which I added a classic skirt and a shirt. But most of all, for this post, I wanted to brag myself with this jacket I found I Republic of Moldova. 😀

How do you like it?



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