Furry cape. An elegance that never goes away




 I come back to you with a new outfit which I hope you will like very much. As the weather has calm down and temperatures have got a much better level, I have decided to show you my favorite cape I bought last autumn but didn’t have the chance to wear it too much since then.

Now, it’s the time to do it again. Especially for this period of time when it’s not cold and not very hot outside, the cape is ideal outfit because it keeps warm but on the same time cozy for the jacket or the winter trousers.

On the other hand, the cape is a superb outfit for any types of silhouette, you can combine it with any type of clothes in your wardrobe no matter you choose an elegant, casual or sport style, wearing a cape will give your look a stylish touch and a glamorous one.

The coat type of cape, as it is also called, emanates elegance, a lot of refinement and femininity. At least this is the way my cape looks with a very interesting cut with a butterfly look, with fur that gives it a special effect. Under the furry cape I wear a woolen dress and for my feet I wear some patent-leather boots. How do you like it?






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