The hat, an accessory that doesn’t have to be missed in any woman’s wardrobe

It is the time for more grace and femininity. 

It is the time to remember that we all are women and to demonstrate this by style and refinement. The hat is the one thing that can emphasize and demonstrate the beauty and the elegance of a woman.

I adore hats. Once a must have accessory for all women, it was the main elegant element that could attract all attention, now we can find all types of hats but we don’t really wear and use them.

In the last few years, this element that covers our hair is more and more seen at the important social events. Nevertheless, I would very much like for all women to begin wearing hats again, on a daily basis and to give more value to them and to themselves.

The hat is an accessory that can fascinate anyone, The hat gives women an aura of mystery, impose some distance and on the other hand can attract any man.

If I convinced you and you decided to buy yourselves a hat you should only pay attention to what type of hat you want to get (depending on seasonality, the shape of face, the event and outfit) so it can not be exaggerated. As I have already said, the hat places us in focus. Try to choose it according to your outfit and shoes.

Dress- Bershka

Hat-CVG Moda

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