A winter coloured with mustard-yellow



What do you think of this mustard-yellow sweater?

Even though it’s winter, I stick with my oppinion that it is not compulsory to wear dark colours. Black, blue, grey or brown are the colours that you can never go wrong with. But why, on the other hand to eliminate the other warm colours from your wardrobe? I like nowadays to get inspired by nature colours: dark green, bordeaux or mustard-yellow.

So I didn’t wait too long when I saw that sweater in the shop. A bold colour that fits me well and gives me courage. Most of all it is also a very fashionable colour at present that seems to suggest a continuity of the autumn. A nice looking colour, rafined, with a special touch.

Mustard-yellow can be very easily combined with dark green, brown and others and can be an alternative to replace for the beige that became too commonplace and too much used. So do not hesitate with your first occasion to buy yourself something to wear of mustard-yellow.

                                                                                                                                                Pullover:  We love knit C&A 

Jeans: MET Georgia 

Bag: Original PRADA Vintage

Yellow mustard pieces of clothing





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