Why we should wear coloured clothes in the Autumn

The autumn has its own charm, but it’s not very much enjoyed because of its weather changes and negative states it produces at the psychological level. I believe that when the autumn comes, with bad weather and shorter days, we become a little bit more melancholic, more sensitive and probably more gloomy. Our spiritual state changes and so do the clothing. Sometimes, probably even unconsciously we tend to wear more gloomy clothes with dark colours.

I myself had such a period of time when once the cold season was coming, I used to wear only darker clothes of grey, black or brown.  Only later I realized that was because that was the way I saw my life. There is nothing wrong than that.  Afterwards, there was a day when I had to make a change, to adopt a diffrent lifestyle, to learn differently that how I had used to be done till then.  And so, I started to look up for more colour.

Winter beauty

The autumn are very influential in our state of mind

According to the psychologists, The autumn are very influential in our state of mind.  Up until a few years ago I didn’t even wanna think too much about that theory, wearing black and grey, it was simply my style. So I believed. That choice was probably induced by some stereotypes in the environment where I lived. At least in Moldova, I met a lot of stereotypes like those. Girls that wore a bit more vivid colours were seen as bimbos or loose moral ones.

But since then, time has changed luckily and now I feel released to see in Moldova an openness to more expressive colours, warm for the fashion style. I don’t know who has the merit of that, but at least I feel we’ve got a bit cleverer. At least we became bolder, full of energy and more independent.

Generally speaking when the cold season comes, we may notice a reluctantce for warm colours, light ones and a tendency to darker clothes.  I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that the autumn wind and the cold is a bit stronger than the one in the western countries and maybe this makes us unconsciously to want to pass by one another unobserved. I tend to believe that we have a tendency to be monotonous and cold sometimes just is the autumn or the winter.

The emotions and feelings that we experienced in life unconsciously make us choose different types of colours for our clothes: dark, light, warm, cold or neutral.

On the other hand, even the colours can change our feelings. For this we only need to autostimulate our thinking a bit more, even when everything around us seems to be dead.

And yes, we can begin that with our outfit.  Even though it’s autumn or winter, who says that they cannot be warm, happy or positive?  When you are sad, give yourself a present of colourful flowers or just wear a little flowered dress and you will never notice how fast your disposition would change.

Here are a few pictures from last year where I wear a flowered dress and together with nature makes, it makes a perfect picture and it brings good disposition to my soul.

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Portret de noiembrie
Foto: Vadim Iakim, Noiembrie 2014, Bălți
Toamna alb-negru
Foto: Vadim Iakim, Noiembrie 2014, Bălți



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