Ponte Ceresio

Ponte Ceresio is a small town in the province of Varese, Lombardy, northern Italy. Porto Ceresio is located along Lake Maggiore, also called Lake Ceresio, which is the way to reach Switzerland.

Ponte Ceresio has a rich history and culture. The town also boasts a number of churches worth visiting while you’re there – some dating back to the 13th century.

The population is around 2,240, but it’s not hard to find yourself surrounded by nature in this picturesque town.

The town is magnificent with a view of the mountains reflecting in the crystal clear waters of the lake, with colourful houses set along the water. Lake Ceresio (also called Lake Lugano) is one of the most beautiful pre-alpine lakes with a subtle charm. It joins all the other Italian and Swiss lakes in the area. Once known, this place hides forever in your heart and soul. Don’t miss to visit it if you come through this area.

Different ways to spend your day in Ponte Ceresio

Ponte Ceresio is a small town that offers many different activities for tourists. It is located at the foot of Monte Rosa, surrounded by magnificent peaks.

If you’re looking for nature, you should take advantage of the beautiful hiking trails. Get your adrenaline pumping with some extreme sports such as mountain biking or ski touring, or simply relax by the lake watching the sunset.

Nothing can be more beautiful than a sunset admired in Porto Ceresio in the province of Varese.

For those in search of culture, there are plenty of things to do here too. Visit important attractions such as Villa Casati Stampa and Villa Cisterna, explore the history behind them or watch an opera at the Teatro Sociale Pontecresio.

Photos were taken in January 2013.

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