University of Padova and Palazzo Bo

The University of Padova was founded in 1222 and is the oldest university in Italy. The university is known for its tradition of academic excellence and for its contributions to science and culture.

I visited the university and was impressed by its size and beauty. I saw some of the university’s oldest buildings, including Palazzo del Bo, which is the administrative headquarters of the university.

The interior courtyard of the Palazzo del Bo, are emblematic of Renaissance refinement. The imposing columns supporting the finely decorated balconies harmoniously combine functionality with aesthetics, a visual dialogue between past and present. Coats of arms and bas-reliefs adorning the ceilings and walls speak of a rich history, while delicate frescoes complete the visual narrative.



Fragile” – A Natural Symphony in the Heart of the University of Padua

During my stay in Padua, I also had the opportunity to see the installation “Fragile”, which was organized by the university for the Christmas holidays.

“Fragile”. This ephemeral installation, which ran from 22 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, completely transformed the ancient courtyard of the Bo Palace, bringing to the fore a profound and topical theme: the relationship between nature and human action.

The installation, made up of 1800 different plants – from shrubs, grasses and even peat bog species – managed to create an impressive visual dialogue with the university’s historic space. As evening fell, the courtyards came alive, illuminated by video projections illustrating the power and fragility of nature in the face of human actions.

In contrast, the installation reminds us of the profound and often negative impact of humans on the environment. From deforestation to pollution and climate change, our footprint on the Earth is becoming increasingly evident and dangerous. “Fragile” challenges us to reflect on how we interact with the environment and the consequences of our actions.

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