A visit to the Venice Music Museum

During my last visit to Venice, I had the opportunity to explore a very special place – the Music Museum. It was a truly memorable experience, especially for my daughter, who is studying violin and is very passionate about music.

Our experience

The Museum of Music in Venice has a rich history that has its roots in centuries past. Founded in the year 1921, the museum has evolved into an emblematic place for the preservation and promotion of Venetian musical heritage. Here, visitors can experience the unique connection between music and Venice’s fascinating history.

We were impressed by the variety of musical instruments on display, many of them authentic and dating back centuries.

My daughter was particularly captivated by the old violins, some of which were so old they seemed to carry the stories of the musicians who played them over the years. It was a valuable learning experience for her, having the opportunity to see the instruments she was studying in a historical context.



What music lovers can visit

The Venice Music Museum is a place worth visiting for anyone who loves music. Here you can see a wide range of musical instruments, from the oldest to the most modern.The museum also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions, which add to the diversity of your visit.

Permanent Exhibitions

Hall of Ancient Instruments

Entering the room dedicated to ancient instruments, you will be transported back in time. Here, you’ll find an impressive collection of harpsichords, violas da gamba, and woodwind instruments – each with a fascinating story related to traditional Venetian music.

Venetian Composers Gallery

The museum houses a gallery dedicated to the great Venetian composers. From Antonio Vivaldi to Claudio Monteverdi, each exhibit offers a detailed insight into the lives and works of these musical geniuses. Imagine feeling the presence of musical history in every note and score on display.

About Vivaldi’s life

One of the highlights of our visit was learning more about the life of Antonio Vivaldi, one of the greatest composers of Venetian Baroque music. Born in Venice on 4 March 1678, Vivaldi was not only an outstanding composer, but also a virtuoso violinist, conductor and teacher. It was interesting to learn about his life and career, and the impact he has had on classical music.

All in all, our visit to the Museum of Music in Venice was an unforgettable experience. We had the opportunity to enrich our knowledge of music and connect with the history of this wonderful city. If you are a music lover and find yourself in Venice, I highly recommend visiting this museum.


Cultural and Educational Events

Live Music Evenings

The Venice Music Museum is a living place where music comes alive in live music evenings. Talented artists perform Venetian classics and offer the audience an authentic experience in the heart of this musical culture.

Educational Workshops

For those passionate about learning, the museum organises interactive educational workshops. Here, visitors can learn about the construction of traditional Venetian musical instruments and even try their hand at playing them under the guidance of experts.

How You Can Visit the Venice Music Museum

The Venice Music Museum is open to the public every day from 10:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening.

Located in the heart of Venice, the museum is easily accessible from the most important tourist spots. The exact address is Strada della Musica, no. 15, Venice. For those who prefer public transport, the nearest station is Piazzale Roma.



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