Must-have: Long coat with short pens, in the winter

As women, we have to admit that we pay attention to every fashion element and we steal every idea that we like and we put it in practice.

To be frankly, I haven’t been very attentive to my fashion style in the past, it was only importnat for me to like the clothes and to feel cozy wearing them. But since I have moved to Italy, right a few miles away from the Capital of Fashion, I have noticed something has changed.

You cannot live in an area that has everything that is new and comes out from the factories, where all stores decide what to wear. Yes ! Because everything that is old and obsolete as trend, it can not be any longer  found on the shelves of any shop, being changed with all that is trendy in the next season.

When I first came in my holidays here in Italy I utterly fell in love with the shop windows here. I still have an impressionat collection of pictures of those store windows back then. And thus I have found myself being obssesed, in a good way, with all these bags and shoes, moreover the obssesion I had already had before with my first hobby, photography.

This time I would like to talk about the last trend, wearing short pens in the winter. The pictures are from last winter but because not very much has been changed since then, I can very well published them even now. For example, the robe style coat together with short pens are still very fashionable this year as well.

Wearing short pens in the winter by young bold female persons is something considered very fashionable here in Italy. The short pens are something cozy and chick if we wear them in the summer but they can add a unique note of fashion when worn in the winter over a pear of collants and accompanied with some nice long boots. And to be warm in the cold days of winter, you can very well add a long coat to all this.





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