MURANO -The land of art in glass

Murano, located just a few kilometres from Venice, is famous for its high quality glass. A visit to one of Murano’s glass factories can be an interesting and educational experience, where tourists can see how glass is made and buy unique works of art made of glass.

Murano glass is renowned for its vivid colours, delicate shapes and intricate designs. This is due to the unique production techniques and the quality of the materials used. Murano glass is also known for its durability, scratch resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Colours in Venice

Murano I would say is an island you fall in love with immediately and irrevocably. Although it is somewhat similar to the historic centre of Venice, the island of Murano has something extra – a lot of tranquillity. Murano is an archipelago of small islands linked by bridges.

Short history. The island of Murano began to be inhabited around the 6th century. Initially, it was more of a fishing port, which gradually developed, and by the 10th century began to have its own currency and aristocracy. In 1291, all the glassworks in the Venetian Republic were moved to Murano. Gradually the glassmakers prospered, and by the 14th century they had become extremely well known. Thus, the technologies of glass making and decoration brought the local people the fame they enjoy today.

Today many factories are closed and abandoned, but there are still a few glass workshops and shops where glassware is on sale. I have also witnessed a show where glassware is made. The show, which lasts 10 minutes, is free, but the objects for sale are expensive.

Murano, a jewel of glass

The island of Murano impressed me a lot with its colourful and neat buildings, narrow streets where you get lost like in a maze. The images captured on Murano Island are spectacular.

Nothing can be more beautiful than a walk in such harmony, where the soul can breathe peace and quiet and the eyes can be enriched by indescribable beauties.

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