Colours in Venice

In a city like Venice, it’s not only the architecture, history and legends that are fascinating.

Venice is a city that inspires zest for life and a lot of mystery. That’s because Venice is a wide range of colours, which energises the spirit of every single tourist. This is the magic of this city.

In Venice, I loved riding the vaporetto and admiring the colours, feeling their vibes and letting them work inside me. To awaken in me new emotions, new memories and to make curious associations between past, present and future.

I can say, that Venice exudes light and colours always unique and hard to reproduce.

Venice:Discover the beauty of the city on water

Imagine how on a blue-blue background, the colours of the sky and the sea, the buildings of Venice go from yellow to orange, passing then, to red, and then you get to see, the colour green. An amazing picture of colour spots that will light up your spirit. The Venetian shops and terraces, too, are an amalgam of colours that entice you.

Things are not always like this in Venice. For example, at sunrise or sunset, everything changes and takes on a crimson colour. And at other times of the day, when the light plays with the shadows, we can witness a unique chromatic spectacle.

The history of colour in Venice

Venice has been an important commercial and maritime centre since ancient times, and this has been reflected in its colourful architecture. In the Middle Ages, the wealthy houses of merchants and bankers were painted in bright colours as a sign of prosperity and opulence.

However, in the 18th century, the colours began to disappear from the Venetian landscape due to decay and fire. It was only in the 20th century that the local authorities began to restore the buildings and paint them in their original colours, restoring the city’s splendour and vibrancy.

The importance of colours for tourism

Colour is an important element for tourism in Venice, as it helps to create a unique atmosphere and make the city more attractive to tourists. Also, the colours of Venice have become a symbol of the city, recognised all over the world.

Tourists visiting Venice are attracted by the vivid colours of the buildings, reflected in the water of the canals, as well as the lively squares and lively streets with colourful shops and terraces. These create a unique and energetic atmosphere that makes the city a special and memorable place for tourists.

The famous Venetian Style

The Venetian style is characterised by a combination of bright and vivid colours that create a cheerful and lively atmosphere. The Venetian style is also distinguished by the use of intense colours such as red, yellow and blue, which contrast with the water of the canals.

The water of the canals in Venice plays an important role in creating a colourful and vibrant landscape. The colours of the buildings are reflected in the canal water, creating a unique and lively atmosphere. Also, the sunlight falling on the canal water creates colourful reflections, adding colour and attractiveness to the landscape.

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