Monaco – Monte Carlo

It was the beginning of December 2012 when I was in Monaco. From Milan there are about four hours of driving on the speedway.

It was my first trip since I had arrived in Italy. And it was even more exciting since I didn’t know where I was headed back then. It was a surprise from a very dear man.
Only when I was very close and I could read a lot of indicators, written in French, I realized where I was headed to. And there wasn’t too long for me that a sea of beauty opened up in front of my very eayes.   
The road to Monaco is spectacular, elbowing gently through steep cliffs, offering an impressive panorama over the blue, red sea that smiles to you at every elbow.
Monaco with its capital Monte Carlo is the attraction of the area. Although it has only two square km, the tiny city attracts millions of tourists every year.

Luino- Ponte Tresa: A special tourist area in northern Italy

It’s an expensive place but it is worth visiting al least once ina lifetime.

After a short break where I watched the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea from high above, on the top of the mountain, we proceeded our journey  descending on the elbowing road towards the most luxurious city of the world, Monte Carlo.
In Monte Carlo there are many things to see and many attractions catches your eye, the casino is one the most well known in the world.
For years, it was the main source of income of the principate.
Other places to visit are the beaches, the Royal palace in Monaco-ville and the square in front of it,
the car exhibition of Albert 1st, the harbour full of yachts or just the luxury cars in the parking lots.
Monte Carlo is a clean city in which its inhabitants are still and also full of life. There is also a very high probability you can meet all sorts of celebrities here.
Because the dawn was already settled there, our departure was an extraordinary show of lights that caught my heart instantly. Monte Carlo, I think will always be the dream of all those who saw it at least for a day.
The pictures were made with an Iphone.
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