Switzerland- a Paradise on Earth

Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty, diverse culture and high standard of living. This small alpine state in the centre of Europe attracts tourists from all over the world for its alpine beauty, pristine lakes and historic towns.

Switzerland is unique in that it offers spectacular views of the Alps, lakes, valleys and cities. Switzerland’s mountain landscape is one of the most spectacular in the world and attracts tourists from all over the world. The mountains and lakes are perfect for activities such as hiking, skiing and swimming.

Monaco – Monte Carlo

We’ve been to Switzerland several times. First to Lugano in 2013, then I crossed Monte Bianco and went to Mountreux and Lausanne in the spring of 2014. Because the trips were on business, I didn’t get to photograph everything I would have liked. The images below are taken with my mobile phone, a Samsung 2 and my iPad.

But I can say that Switzerland left me with some strong impressions. If I had to describe Switzerland in two words, I would just say: order and peace. Yes, Switzerland, I think, remains the only peaceful and orderly country where rules are respected and where the economic crisis has not arrived.

This country has captivated me with its mountains, like something out of a Heidi cartoon, its green fields and historic towns.

I liked Montreux best, a town above Lake Geneva. I say above, because the town is built in steps that seem to descend into the great Lake Geneva. From the blocks of buildings in Montreux the view is enchanting: on one side is the lake and on the other side the mountain.

The atmosphere in the town is elegant, one might even say luxurious. Lausanne is also a chic city, located at the foot of the Alps, but also on the shores of Lake Geneva.

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