Discover Pila: Paradise of Winter Adventures

On holiday in Pila with the whole family. If you live in Lombardy and wonder where you can find snow in winter, either to entertain the kids or to relax on skis, with this article I introduce you to Pila.

The ski resort Pila, located in the Aosta Valley region, is a popular destination for ski and winter sports enthusiasts. Its altitude, from 1540 to 2740 metres, offers breathtaking views from Mont Blanc to the Grand Combin and from the Matterhorn to Monte Rosa.

In this article, we explore in detail what you can do in Pila and discover why this ski resort in the Aosta Valley is so special, especially in winter.

How do you get to Pila?

So here we are on our way to Pila, in Valle d’Aosta. Leaving Milan, we took the motorway to Aosta, where just off the motorway, you’ll find the Aosta train station and, next to it, a large cable car park to Pila. We parked the car here and took the cable car to Pila, and in just 18 minutes we were up on the ski slopes.

Tourist attractions in Pila

From the Pila, at an altitude of 1800 metres, you can admire the most important peaks of the Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Combin or Matterhorn.

Pila is a very convenient and accessible resort for everyone, from small to large. Here you can find everything: hotels, restaurants, bars, pharmacy and you can say that all this is right on the slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding in Pila

Skiing and snowboarding are the main activities in Pila, thanks to 70 km of slopes, suitable for beginners and experts alike. Pila has 4 black runs, 21 red runs, 4 blue runs and 2 ski schools with over 170 instructors.

For beginners taking their first steps, the perfect area is Baby Gorraz and Grimod, while more experienced and demanding riders find their realm between Chamolé, Couis and Platta de Grevon.

At an altitude of 2200 metres, just above the village, is also Areaeffe snow park, a freestyle area built to cater to the needs of snow acrobats. And for those who want to play in the snow, there’s the colourful Fun Park Chacard, near the church and not far from the cable car linking Aosta to Pila.

Located in the Chacard basin, it enjoys a sensational view. In the centre of the park is a comfortable climbing treadmill, which gives access to two separate runs, one dedicated to bobsleigh and sledging and the other to snow tubing. Then there’s a dedicated children’s area with trampolines and inflatables.

The amusement park is open from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm and admission costs 10 euros.

How to dress for a snow day in the mountains

If you decide to go to Pila, you should know that the temperature can be tricky, and how you dress is very important, because it can be very cold, but there are times when you can feel the heat. So I recommend dressing warm and layered.

  • Start with the base layers – thermal and breathable. These are essential for maintaining body heat and evaporating perspiration. Opt for materials such as merino wool or specially designed synthetic fibres, avoiding cotton which retains moisture.
  • A fleece pullover or vest. These provide extra warmth and can easily be added or removed depending on temperature fluctuations.
  • The waterproof and breathable jacket is the next essential layer. It should be roomy enough to allow for layers underneath, but also protect you from wind and moisture.
  • If you plan to ski, you need ski pants that offer insulation and protection.Check if they have braces or an adjustable waist for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Gloves or finger gloves, which should be waterproof and insulated.
  • Wool scarf or a headband. Thick ski socks, preferably wool, will keep feet warm and dry.
  • Appropriate footwear: insulated and waterproof winter boots that give you grip and stability on slippery surfaces.
  • Armed with these tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy winter splendour on snow wherever you decide to go.

From Pila to Chamolè refuge by chairlift

The Chamolé refuge, the most popular and well-known, is suitable for everyone, even for people with little training.

This 5.5 km trail offers a panoramic view of the summit of Mont Blanc. The trail starts at the top station of the Chamolé cable car and takes you through pine and fir forests.

Where to eat in Pila

After an active day on the slopes of Pila, where the snow and fresh air will whet your appetite, you’ll surely be looking for a place to indulge in the culinary delights of the region.

We had a pleasant gastronomic experience at Refuge Chamolé, which I highly recommend. This is a place where hospitality meets authentic Alpine cuisine. The menu offers a variety of options, from creamy polenta to local cheeses, noodles with venison ragu and, of course, tempting sweets such as homemade cakes or apple strudel.

Inside this mountain retreat, you’ll be greeted by a warm atmosphere, with wood hissing in the fireplace and rustic decor that transports you to a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dining at Refuge Chamolé is not only a culinary experience, but also a sensory one, where every bite seems to capture the essence of the surrounding mountains.

Apart from Chamolé, Pila offers other gastronomic options, from cafés serving quick snacks and hot drinks to more sophisticated restaurants where you can enjoy an elegant dinner while contemplating the mountain scenery.



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