What to Visit in Trezzo sull’ Adda, at the Gates of Milan

Trezzo sull’Adda is the ideal destination for a Sunday getaway. If you end up in Trezzo sull’Adda, here are the attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Small and primitive, Trezzo sull’Adda, located at the gateway to Milan, is the perfect example of the harmony between history and nature. Personally, this place has remained dear to my heart, so if you have a few hours to spare, I recommend a visit.

1. Discover Trezzo sull’Adda: A Journey Into the Past and Into the Heart of Nature

The first place I recommend in Trezzo sull’Adda is Visconti Castle. Although not as famous as other castles in Italy, it has a long history that has its roots in the 14th century. Although only the ruins now remain, they resonate with tales of heroism and legend. Surrounded by an enchanting park, the castle offers splendid views of the Adda River and the surrounding countryside.

2. Park and Nature: Inspire Fresh Lombard Air

After visiting Visconti Castle, take time to enjoy the nearby park. It’s the ideal place to contemplate the idyllic landscape of the Adda river bends and the hills of Bergamo. And for an even more impressive view, climb to the top of the castle tower. From this 42-metre height, you’ll also be able to see the ancient town of Trezzo, which is growing up around the fortress.

3. Taccani power plant: Via Barnabò Visconti and along the banks of the River Adda

After exploring the castle and the park, we suggest you visit the Taccani Power Plant. Once outside the castle courtyard, walk along Via Barnabò Visconti, which will guide you in a few minutes to the banks of the river Adda. There, you’ll discover a large, grey structure – the Taccani Power Station, one of Italy’s most impressive hydroelectric plants.

4. Le Foppe Nature Oasis: A Wildlife Sanctuary

Another destination worth visiting in Trezzo sull’Adda is Le Foppe nature reserve, managed by WWF. This oasis serves as a haven for migratory birds and wildlife, and is a vital hub for environmental awareness and conservation education.

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