New Year’s Eve in Verona: A journey through history and beauty

As the year 2023 drew to a close, my family and I decided to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year in a very special way. So we chose the city of Verona, a jewel of northern Italy, known for its rich history and romantic atmosphere.

Arriving in Verona, we checked into a charming house booked through Airbnb, which proved to be the perfect retreat for our four-night stay. On the evening of Revelion, we immersed ourselves in the festive atmosphere of Piazza Bra, where a vibrant concert welcomed the year 2024. Music, crowd energy and fireworks created an unforgettable atmosphere, highlighting the magic of this historic city.

Discovering the magic of Verona: A journey through history and culture

On the first day of the year, armed with curiosity and comfortable shoes, we explored Verona’s artistic monuments on foot. Our first stop was Castelvecchio, an imposing medieval castle that houses a museum rich in works of art. Walking along the Ponte Scaligero, we enjoyed a breathtaking view of the Adige River.

We then headed to Piazza delle Erbe, the heart of the city, surrounded by historic buildings and lively cafés. Here, time seems to have stood still, with the square and the bright colours creating a picturesque atmosphere.

We couldn’t miss a visit to Juliet’s House, the symbol of eternal love made famous by Shakespeare. Though crowded, the romantic atmosphere of the place is palpable, and we couldn’t resist leaving a message of love on the wall.

The beauty of Verona seen through the lens of my camera

Finally, we went up to the terrace of the Mafftei Palace. From here, the panoramic view of Verona is simply stunning, offering a unique perspective of the city and its red roofs.

For those who wish to have a similar experience, I recommend booking your accommodation early, especially during festive periods such as New Year’s Eve. Verona is easily accessible by train, with frequent connections from many Italian cities. Once in the city, most attractions can be reached on foot or by local bus service.

This experience in Verona was just the beginning of a fascinating exploration. In future articles, I will not only delve deeper into the story of this extraordinary city, but I will also share many of the beautiful photographs I captured during my visit there.

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