Neos Marmaras and the vintage air of the Greek Paradise

In Sithonia, Halkidiki, I had my accommodation in Neos Marmaras, a cosmopolit resort with 3000 inhabitants, but rumour says that during the summer time another 20.000 souls added up because of the turists.

The resort is a perfect combination of sea and mountain, with a romantic air, bohemian, perfect for long walks and relaxation.

Because it was only May, only at the beginning of the holiday season or maybe because of the crisis that shook Greece and the events in that period that scared a few tourists, we enjoyed a lot of still without any crowded places.

What impressed me very much in Neos Marmaras was the beach, a very large one that seemed to not have an end, but also the narrow and very steep streets of the place.

The accommodation was right in the center of the resort, a little boarding house, clean, with everything anyone needed inside.

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The Neos Marmaras that lays on three hills has a round form of an amphitheater, no matter from where you look at it, the visibility of the city is maxim, the successfully combines the emerald blue of the sea with the green coat of vegetation on the mountain.

In Neos Marmaras, there are two beaches but we chose to go to one near Nikti, but I will talk about this subject in a following post. Also in Neos Marmaras there is a harbor from which many vassels start their journey every morning (cruise ships, sailor’s boats or private yacht).

Even so, the most beautiful moments in Neos Marmaras are the sunshine and the dawn.

If you ever get there and you want to see the most beautiful sunshine, you will have to wake up very early and climb up the mountain and the sun will show its face in a magic show. On the other hand the dawn may be very well enjoyed from the beach or a restaurant patio.

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