With the boat on Maggiore lake

I have started missing the summer. Although there isn’t too much time till the nice and warm weather comes, I have started to miss the summer and its journeys with the boat on the lake. I have found in my personal archive some pictures of the last year journeys, one of them was a journey on the Maggiore Lake, and I would like to share these photos of that beautiful place with you all and also tell you a few things about the Maggiore Lake that deserve a lot to be visited.

The Maggiore Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Italy. It’s the second biggest one after the Garda lake, still, it’s considered the biggest sub-alpine lake, from which comes its name Major. It separates Lombardia from Piemonte, and Italy from Switzerland. The largest area of this lake is in Italy, but also Swiss people can enjoy its beauties.

The Maggiore Lake is surrounded by mountains and hills that protect it from the cold winds from the north. There are seven islands in it and the most important ones are Borromee islands – Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Madre.

Along the time, the beauties of the lake fascinated many Italian and foreign artists that got inspired by this place, in their works. The banks of this lake are simply gorgeous, there are beautiful villas alongside of it, a lot of vegetation and the beautiful azure of the lake reflects the fluffy clouds of the summer. It’s the ideal place to make a ton of pictures because the contrasts are simply outstanding. One day on the Maggiore lake will be for sure a perfect day to fill up your soul with the beauties and the quietness of the place. Some people prefer to refuge somewhere in the middle of the lake, where the blue color of the lake amalgamate with the blue color of the sky and from where you can hardly see the lake’s banks or any of its villas.

I saw the lake from many angles, but I can sincerely say that it’s always incredibly beautiful and just to convince you, I will let you see the pictures below and if you want to see more of them, you can check the original article about Luino, a small town on the bank of the Maggiore Lake. And that is not everything as I am so eager for the good weather to come and stat my journeys and discover new beautiful places. This year I would like to reach the Borrmee islands. Meanwhile, you stay with me to discover new beautiful places of Italy.

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