Photo/Halkidiki: When you feel sad, take a look to the sunset

I have read that when a dawn or a sunset doesn’t excite you in any way that means your soul is ill. As for me, I think that even an ill soul would get healthy in front of such heavenly show. I have seen many beautiful dawns and sunsets but few I managed to capture with my camera and moreover even so well.

The sunset itself have always excited me, the beautiful it is, the overwhelming seems to be when that orange sphere seems to become more and more scarlet.


And it hurts. It hurts as if it tries to keep that light alive while the sun gets down swallowed by the abyss. I am referring to that illusion through which we try to get the abyss closer, we try to figure out what there is beyond what we can see or where the day hides from the night. And inside of us, a certain fear of darkness grows, a fear of loneliness that disappear the moment when we realize that we only dream, the same way every dream disappears when we wake up.

In Sithonia, Halkidiki such epic moments can be seen every day, especially in the summer season. No matter where the sunset or the dawn catches you, the sun is like a ticking bomb that every morning explodes with its thousands of rays that caress you over the day and in the evening it leaves behind a red-hot coals spread in thousands of horizons. And the smell of freedom, an infinite freedom.

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